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Our Accountability Solutions

At Adams Healing Center, we understand that getting treatment can be a difficult thing to do. Going to treatment can sometimes cause shame or fear of judgment. Other times, your schedule may just catch up with you, and you may miss an appointment. But, we understand the importance of treatment and want to stress the importance of attending each and every appointment. That’s why we treat every patient struggling with substance abuse with dignity and without judgment, and keep our patients accountable to their appointment schedules. No one gets better without someone walking by their side, and our accountability solutions help us to support our patients where they need it most.



The best way to ensure accountability is to encourage healthy habits and mental wellness so an appointment is never missed. Through recognizing triggers, creating coping strategies, and celebrating success, we hope to encourage everyone that comes through our facility to be the best versions of themselves and to remain accountable to our program and their own rehabilitation process.

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Our Process

We keep careful records of our patients for the purposes of accountability. We want to know if someone is missing appointments so we can reach out to them and encourage them. In the case that someone does miss an appointment, we reach out by phone to get you back on track. We want to ensure the safety and consistent treatment of our patients because we know that life change happens when commitment is realized.

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Take Advantage of Our Accountability Solutions

For more information on other services we offer, like outpatient treatment, see our services page. We care for our patients and desire that they make a full recovery. We know what it’s like to be on a journey, especially in the low valleys of life. We want to walk alongside you on your journey. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help.

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