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Adam’s Healing Center is on a mission to be there when our clients need us most. Explore our clients’ stories and see what they have to say about our revolutionary addiction solutions. Make your appointment with us to learn more.

Highly Recommend

"Adam's Healing Center is the only place I would send a friend or relative struggling with an opiate addiction. They are kind, knowledgeable, and whereas many other treatment centers treat recovering addicts like criminals, Adam's Healing Center and Dr. Edson treat you with respect and understanding. This helps you build confidence and overcome the shame cycle of addiction, and helps people fully recover. It takes time, and Dr. Edson and his staff give you that time to fully heal, never giving up on their patients. I couldn't recommend Adam's Healing Center more highly!"

- Aaron E.

You and the staff are wonderful

"I wanna say thank you so much Adams healing center. Dr. Edison you have saved my life more then once. You never treated me like an addict, but just a good person. Thank you. For listening to me. And helping me in bad times. You and the staff are wonderful.

If anyone that is looking for treatment go to Adams healing center. They won’t look at you like an addict and the Dr. will help you with your addiction. Trust me I have went to others and felt judged. But not here. Thank you so much. Everyone at Adams healing center."

- Jessie S.

Kind and understanding

"I called today to set up an appointment and the Dr answered. He was so kind and understanding. I am not even nervous to go to my first appointment."

- Laura P.

Makes you feel at homE

"Great environment family oriented. Makes you feel at home. Dr. Edson is a great individual. He is saving life’s every single day! So thank you for all that you do!"

- Tyson H.